Advanced XP Calculator

This version of the XP calculator is designed for larger numbers of students across multiple classes and teams. Version 3.0 currently accommodates up to 500 students. It also can work for smaller numbers of students but I might recommend the Basic XP Calculator if you only have one class to deal with.

Here is how to set up the Advanced XP Calculator…

Create a Google Form for XP input. There are only two questions on this form. The first question is “Name” or “Student”. I suggest a multiple choice or drop down question. Enter the students’ names as choices for this question. *NOTE- It is essential for these name choices to be exactly the same as the names in the ORANGE roster section of the calculator sheet for this system to work! The second question is “points” or “XP”. This is  just a short text input for the number of points you are awarding to the chosen student.

*Pro Tip- Bookmark your XP input form link on your mobile device so you can quickly access it and input XP on the go!

Setup the XP Calculator Sheet. First, Create the response spreadsheet associated with your Input Form.

Then, copy this Advanced XP Calculator sheet into your Response Spreadsheet. The easiest way is to just to use the tab dropdown menu and choose “copy to” and then select your Form Responses spreadsheet as the destination.


Manually add your roster information to the ORANGE roster area. The only necessary columns are the Name (which should be EXACTLY like the options for the Name on the form… In fact you might want to fill this out first and then copy and paste this roster into your Form as options) and the Avatar which will show up on the leaderboard (this can be exactly the same as the name if you want but it needs to be filled out if it is going to show up on the leaderboard.) The email column is experimental at this point, so skip it for now.

*Note- If you add a student to your class they will need to manually be added to both your google form AND the orange roster section on the calculator sheet. 

Publish the Results on a Website.  On your Form Responses Sheet, adjust your “sharing” settings so that this sheet is viewable “PUBLICLY ON THE WEB” If you do this correctly you will see a little globe icon in the blue share button“ If you do not share your sheet, your charts will not show on your website.

Set up a website. I like Google Sites for this because you can insert a chart from any Google Sheet with a few clicks. At the bottom of the insert sidebar, simply select “Chart” and choose your Response Sheet. It will display all available charts. If mine are not enough feel free to make your own charts from the data or just edit mine to suit your needs.  When you have inserted all of your charts make sure to “PUBLISH” your site and put a link to it somewhere easy for your students to access. Don’t forget to make sure it is available to everyone on the web so that there are no privacy barriers in place. If you do it right, your site should look like this.

And you are done! Now, every time you submit a form, it your website will update. Students may have to refresh the page to see the newest data, but that’s it! Here is a video tutorial if you need a bit more guidance.

I am constantly trying to improve this system, I welcome your thoughts and comments. If this works well for you please let me know on Twitter @ChrisHesselbein or by email at

Be careful! Leaderboards can be a tricky balance of fame and shame so you might want to read my article on 6 Tricks for Shameless Leaderboards. Remember that effective gamification is not about the points and leaderboards, it is about diversified learning.  Slapping some XP on a project does not effectively gamify a classroom.  However, points and levels can be powerful feedback tool in a properly gamified system. For more on how to gamify a classroom read my Insert Coin Series.


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